The Mothball Fleet is in!!!

(Just 20 minutes from Tiverton, RI)

Two Aircraft Carriers and a Battleship have been moved to Pier 2 in Middletown, Rhode Island.  The carriers are the Forestal and the Saratoga.   The Battleship is the Iowa.  The Forestal and the Iowa are in “donation” status, awaiting a new home as a war memorial.  Currently the Saratoga is on the list to be sold for scrap metal.


The Saratoga, the sister ship of the Forestal, was the first to arrive. Excitement was all around as the first of the three super sized vessels were brought into the old Navy complex in Middletown, RI. The Forestal was next.  She was delayed  several hours due to high winds.  Finally, on the 23rd of September, the famous Battleship Iowa arrived.


The Forestal and the Iowa have some well known history.   The Forestal, which served in the Viet Nam conflict, was the site of a terrible accident when a rocket was mistakenly launched from one of the planes on deck.  The missile exploded setting a big fire and killing many crewmen before the blaze was contained.


The Iowa was in the news when there was an explosion in one of the forward 16″ gun turrets.  The explosion killed the men in the turret.   Now she has left RI for her new home.



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